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French Foundation `Digital transformation has now become obvious in all sectors. Posted on May 23, 2018, by
French Founders

French Founders Geneva

frenchfounders_inc [ # Geneva] #Digital #Luxury Last week in Geneva, Laurent Malaveille, CEO @clarinsofficial #Switzerland delivered in a transparent way his vision of #digital #transformation in the worlds of #luxury and # beauty. Le “Digital allows you to fully express the #storytelling and the know-how of a #brand. For example, via online content or the opinions of other customers. We often forget that the digital can exalt the ultimate rarity (example of shoes: choice of size, color, width …). In the end, digital can be a way to make the shopping experience a more enjoyable and richer experience for the customer, by focusing the #dimension #human on #contact and # empathy, rather only on the administrative. ”
Thank you to him for these valuable insights, to all our members and participants and to @heritagegeneve #gallery for their warm welcome!

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