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Luxury Cushions & Home Textile

The largest collection of unique, colorful and handcrafted luxury cushions in Geneva. They are all hand dyed, hand loomed and hand embroidered.

All of them are in a vibrant array of colors to get you into the mood of refreshing your interior.

The collections are explosions of colors ,motifs, unusual fabrics and shapes from different cultures. From traditional to contemporary interiors our cushions are now the “must have” of clients.

Each of them is hand made with authentic materials such as ikat, suzani, velvet and is scented with a hint of lavender. Lavender is known for having positive effects on mind, so it is easy to see the benefits of relaxing on a sofa.

Our home textile collections are made from the finest quality locally produced linen, silk and cotton, and are woven using traditional methods. Various symbols whether stylized or traditional representing different histories, geographies and cultures have been embroidered using natural fibers.